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Monte Martin

Monte Martin Construction, Inc.

Monte Martin founder and owner of Monte Martin Construction, Inc. (MMCI) was born and raised in the Thousand Oaks area.  While attending a local college, Monte developed a passion for commercial and residential construction.  He spent the next 5 years working for a home developer framing and building both track and custom homes.

In the next seven years Monte became a master builder working with contractors in all aspects of construction from laying foundations to siding, drywall, water-proofing, electrical, plumbing, roofing, flooring, and finish carpentry.

In 2001 Monte moved forward once again founding Monte Martin Construction, Inc.

Today, with his 30 years of construction experience combined with his love of building and architecture, Monte knows and understands the importance of focusing on the client’s needs while keeping a close eye on detail.

Each and every day MMCI works to bring to life the visions and dreams of its clients to life with the highest quality work while ensuring that each project stays on schedule and on budget.”



Mission Statement

MMCI provides its clients with quality residential and commercial building services at competitive construction rates.  The MMCI team is committed to focus on the details and innovative solutions while meeting schedule deadlines that at the end of the project make the difference between a typical job and an extraordinary job.

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Our Vision

MMCI has an exceptional reputation with its clients as a well-known and respected commercial and residential general contracting company. We are a company that honors its agreements and does the job contracted for to the highest industry standards. Based on its reputation, skills, knowledge, creativity and ability to deliver MMCI commands competitive rates from its clients and stands out above its competitors.

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